Tips to Get the Most out of Photo Booths

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If you would like to get a photo booth to document the biggest event of your life, like a wedding, then you have to do it in a fairly fantastic way. A photo booth is a great opportunity to entertain your guests and also provide extra entertainment to them. You can also request a copy of all the shots as your souvenir.

Many couples use photo booths to serve as wedding favors. It’s a good idea too, so you don’t have to go through the stress of preparing, choosing, or buying souvenirs for your guests. The success of having a photo booth at your event lies on these factors:

1. The service of the attendant

Photo booths have what they call as the attendant or booth butler. He or she is tasked to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as expected. They will be attending to your guests throughout the event, which is basically the entire night. The role of the butler is very important. If you don’t have an attendant, then you’ll have to prepare instructions for the benefit of your guests.

2. The decoration of the booth

The photo booth should be well decorated because it will be one of the focal points of your celebration. The background should be well thought of. Make sure that the decoration is relevant to the theme of the event. The attendant should also be wearing something that matches the motif of the celebration.

3. The guest photobook collection

It is best to prepare a guest book for the guests to sign. They may also opt to put a copy of their photo in the guest book. Make things more creative by placing different colors of pen and a pair of scissors on the table so that your guests become a little crafty as they sign your book. Encourage them to leave a special note as well.

4. The number of people that can fit in a shot

The more group shots you make, the better fun your guests make. Lone guests may find it awkward to pose in a photo booth but if it is going to be different if they’re with a big group. Ask couples and friends to line up the booth so that the photos will be more fun and exciting.

5. The templates used

It would be fun if your guests can choose from different templates. When you’re looking for Tucson photo booths, try to check all the features that they provide and settle for the one with the most number of templates that are relevant to your event. Try to add a message to the template as well.

6. The number of props

Props make photo booths more exciting. Be sure that there are plenty of hats, comedy glasses, puppets, and other interesting stuff. The more hilarious the results are. If you can modify the backdrop as well, then that’s going to be even better. The more exciting your photo booth is, the more interested guests will be to get their photos taken.

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